Head Technician 


Occupying the shadows of the dance floor, Martin Jenkins expands his sound with the influence of early Detroit techno, UK bleep and bass, ‘Zones’ features 6 steaming compositions constructed with a limited palette of Roland TR-606, MC-202 and TB-303 feature strobing acid workouts, serrated synth lines, saturated drum patterns and chugging square-wave bass ostinatos.

Martin Jenkins : “It's really satisfying to set up patterns on each machine, let them run and tweak and adjust as the track unfolds. All of these pieces were initially live takes, with just a couple of overdubs and some edits to tighten up the arrangements. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the 202, I can't get enough of that square wave bass that it does, but it's such a beast to program.”


A1    Divergent        6:47

A2    Exit Strategy    5:27

A3    A Future        4:42

B1    Zones        7:31

B2    Soar Door    4:31

B3    Echo Blooms    3:54