WALLS return with their third and final studio album ‘Urals’

‘Urals’ is the closing part of a three album cycle that began with their self titled debut in 2010, and continued in 2011 with ‘Coracle’

This album is an accumalation of four years of studio exploration, inverting their signature sound into a new, more intense dimension, seeing the duo once again exploring futuristic vistas with their corruscating synth lines, spiralling guitar figures and howling distortion / noise.

Informed by the creation/curation of their burgeoning Ecstatic Recordings imprint that has seen them release music by kindred spirits such as Pye Corner Audio, Axel Wilner (The Field) and L/F/D/M (amongst others) as well as their own individual explorations (Natalizia's caustic minimal synth work outs as NOT WAVING, and Willis's lurid, ritualistic techno as PRIMITIVE WORLD) 'Urals' pushes the envelope a long way from the template they set out with on tracks such as 'Burnt Sienna' or 'Hang Four'

From the stumbling off-kilter groove of the title track, to the probing kosmische pulses of 'Altai' to the intense, ear-shredding acid of 'I Can't Give You Anything But Love, to the sublime synthscape paen 'Radiance', its clear that Willis and Natalizia are taking leave of the WALLS project at the top of their game.

Mastered by Sonic Boom (Spectrum / Spacemen 3) at New Atlantis Studios.

Limited edition of 500 copies on grey vinyl.


01. Urals

02. Moon Eye

03. Altai

04. Voluta

05. Tongue Pad

06. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love

07. Radiance