- Mastered by SONIC BOOM (Spacemen 3) at New Atlantis Studios

NOT WAVING --> REMOTE VIEWING --> EXTRA-SENSORY PERCEPTION --> SENSING WITH MIND --> REMOTE LISTENING --> "I want to give a sound to places I don't know"


Inspired by 80s weird italian electronica, Manuel Gottsching, Peter Bauman, This Heat, Ike Yard.

Remote Viewing is a powerful, paranormal technique developed in the 1970s at Stanford Research Institute and used by the US government. 

analog pedals//synths//drum machine//guitar//violin//voice

Written, produced and recorded between September and December 2012 in London. 



Side A (21:46)

Kneecap Ridge 3:28

Sicklerville Blackwood 3:48

Carrizo Plain 4:28

Nemrut Dagi 6:19

Kesswil 3:43


SIde B (19:33)

Wladimarinello 3:22

Mansfield Underhill 7:04

Battle Mountain 4:01

Truth Or Consequences 5:06