Following a series of off-kilter rythmical explorations for Black Acre and Obsession Recordings, Primitive World’s Sam Willis releases on Ecstatic Recordings for the first time with the limited edition 'Ascention' cassette EP. 

’Ascension’ is a four track expedition into the fertile jungle of Primitive World's protean techno, packed with grainy 12-bit pads, jerking oscilations and skittering low-res percussion. Inspired by the symbolism found in various cultures (ritualistically represeted by stairs, trees, ropes etc.) as “self elevation of the human soul and union with God” that represent the axis between the profane and sacred worlds.


1. Ascention I 06:58

2. Ascention II 03:26

3. Ascention III 08:33

4. Ascention IV 07:20