Luminous Frames

Having already gained many fans for his work on the Clone affiliated Nous'Klaer label, Mattheis now graduates to his first full length, entitled 'Luminous Frames’. 

Expanding on the promise of his earlier work, his hallucinogenic arpeggio explorations call to mind the synth driven kosmiche sounds of late 70s and early 80s Germany; Klaus Schulze, Cluster, Harald Grosskopf and Manuel Gottsching as well as contemporary Steve Moore. ‘Luminous Frames’  takes the listener on an ethereal drift through five masterfully constructed soundscapes of billowing synth drones and enveloping sequences. 

A1    A State of Suspended Animation    10:40

A2    Four Dimensional Echoes        6:30

B1    The Etheric                    4:34

B2    Light Cones Reversed            6:46

B3    Volumetric Shadows            7:32