• Green Gums / Bronze Teeth’s Richard Smith in banger mode 

 Includes 12” x 12” art insert housed in a poly bag

 Mastered and cut by Matt @ Alchemy

 RIYL Frak, Tuning Circuits, Smersh, Powell 

Richard Smith a.k.a L/F/D/M reports four barrelling hardware shots from London’s EBM and techno underworld with the tense, nervous energy of his Crocodiles in the Ceiling EP for Not Waving’s Ecstatic label following a slew of ‘floor-wreckers with Optimo Trax and Diagonal (Bronze Teeth, Green Gums with former Factory Floor man Dom Butler). 

More pointed, succinct than last year’s M Is A Shape debut LP for the label, this 2nd volley finds him flexing and bozing a buzzing set of dancefloor prongs amid the sweat-mist and strobelights, feeling equally at home during all-day, no sleep Berghain rituals and clammy, redlit darkroom beat offs. 

It’s burning deep heat for the DJs, rubbing up the gym-trained pony canter and popper fog of Lego Train Crashes beside the rude industrial rider Elek F up top, and clearly taking a grimacing pleasure from the New Beta jut of Take A Chance, whilst Rum + Black foams and spits with the rawest, most uncouth agenda. 

In his dual roles as musician and graphic artist, L/F/D/M draws on both sides of his practice in order to dance, as he explains “Music and art kinda switch places within the balance of my creative process, ideas come in different ways, cutting out collages, layering sound, hacking into outtakes, snipping out ideas.” 

The result is a visceral, animated style, pushing at the most frayed, wild-eyed aspects of post industrial/ acid/techno with inarguably potent impact and effect. 

A1.    Lego Train Crashes 

A2.    ElekF

B1.    Take A Chance

B2.    Rum + Black