Pye Corner Audio / Not Waving



Intercepts is a split album between Pye Corner Audio and Not Waving. 

Taking inspiration from the world of espionage, most specifically spy rings, both artists provide four tracks each, creating a thrilling musical call and response between these kindred producers. 

Some of the world’s greatest espionage stories involve Spy Rings. From the Rosenbergs to the Cambridge Five and the Duquesne case, these are stories that haunt the annals of the covert world and remain shrouded in mystery and fascination to this day. 

Clandestine spirits permeate these eight tracks of dreamlike industrial techno, impressionist synth burbles, fragmented post-modern ambient and cosmic sci-fi adventure. 



A1 – Pye Corner Audio  Perfect Secrecy Forever  5:30

A2 – Pye Corner Audio  Twisted Wire Pair  5:33

A3 – Pye Corner Audio  Shared Secret Key  4:19

A4 – Pye Corner Audio  One Time Pad  5:28

B1 – Not Waving  Protect The Revolution  8:26

B2 – Not Waving  Two-Way Mirror  2:58

B3 – Not Waving  Enemies Of The People  4:28

B4 – Not Waving  Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel  4:10